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“A fresh take on a bygone era that is intimate, alluring, and hauntingly beautiful.”

“Julie Amici & Dean Mueller run the roots gamut on their upcoming album, I Loved You So. Nestled comfortably in the soles of old-school Americana, the kind of music that they create transports listeners into home-sewn stories of family, life, and love. They do so with a keen sense of what makes timeless folk, country, and blues-tinged tunes tick and produce an ageless sound in the process….” ~ by Jonathan Frahm, For Folk’s Sake, February 2020.

Julie Amici & Dean Mueller make Americana in the old-school sense. Their new LP I Loved You So is a thick, low-simmering stew of country, folk and blues peppered with subtle hints of jazz and gospel. In the last few years, this melting-pot of traditional American sounds has taken them from their hometown of Portland, Ore., all the way to Memphis, Tenn., where they’ve been recognized by the Cascade Blues Association not only as recording artists and performers, but also for their nonprofit work—bringing the gift of music to disadvantaged children, people with autism and the elderly through the Mudd Nick Foundation, United By Music and their own organization, Fly Me to the Moon, operated in partnership with the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.