by Julie Amici & Dean Mueller

Julie Amici & Dean Mueller make Americana in the old-school sense. Their new LP I Loved You So is a thick, low-simmering stew of country, folk and blues peppered with subtle hints of jazz and gospel.

  1. Flannel Shirt 0:55
  2. Daddy 0:41
  3. Hot In The City 0:44
  4. I Loved You So… 0:33
  5. Blind Beulah 0:40
  6. Turn The Key 0:42
  7. Faces In Things 0:42
  8. I Wanted You 0:41
  9. Frame It On The Wall 0:41
  10. Sardines and Saltines 0:50
  11. Read Through Tears 0:46


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Julie Amici & Dean Mueller run the roots gamut on their upcoming album, I Loved You So. Nestled comfortably in the soles of old-school Americana, the kind of music that they create transports listeners into home-sewn stories of family, life, and love. They do so with a keen sense of what makes timeless folk, country, and blues-tinged tunes tick and produce an ageless sound in the process.” – For Folks Sake

“With a classic country feel, Julie Amici and Dean Mueller will spin you a tale of a life well lived.” – Americana Highways

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