Julie Amici – Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses written by Julie Amici, Dean Mueller, Alan Jones

Video Directed by Cypress Chvatal-Jones

Julie Amici as “Singer”
Dean Mueller as “Badass”
Starlight Frost as “Star”
Thomas Nieshe as “Heath Ledger”
Jeff Trenary as “Ukulele Farmer”
Josh Uithof as “All Beard”
Alex Tonjes as “Kid with Glasses”
Jennifer Smieja as “Smile”
Robert Lefty Head as “Fidd”
Glenna Gray as “Grandmother”
GiGi Gardner as “Little Girl”
Muddy as “The Dog”

Thanks to Ginger & Brigham Edwards and North Fork 53, and Judy Sorrels, even though she couldn’t be in it. Last but not least, thanks to Grandma Opal.

Big NEWS!!

Our New EP: Julie Amici “Yellow Roses” is Available!

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we hope you enjoy the CD and thanks for your time!

Dean & Julie

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