What do people say about you?

What do people say bout you?

This question is good to ponder honestly every now and then.

The answer helps us evaluate ourselves, the lives we truly want to lead, and the impact we have on the lives of others.When you are an artist this takes on unique significance as we impact people’s emotions and lives every time we perform. This impact digs deeper when you write your own songs… record them… produce them… and then finally… send them out into the world to live forever. These songs are art, they represent who we are, where we’ve been, and capture an essence of what it is like to be alive now. Music is our legacy. We are the songs that we write, and they are us.

As musicians and songwriters, our dynamic musical tastes make it neither fair nor easy to put us in a box. While this complicates things from a marketing perspective, we view it as a strength, especially now.

Our new album represents this dynamic-ism, and as the various reviews roll in it’s clear to see others also view this as a strength. It really strikes us how everyone seems to view this record, and us, as different. This is just the beginning, but so far we like what we are hearing. In a time where we cannot perform and receive the “energy feedback” from an audience, we rely on the kind words of others for feedback.

We have a few quotes listed below along with links to the full reviews. We hope you have a chance to check these out, and feel free to leave your comments in the blog below, we would love to hear from you.

Our thanks again to everyone who helped make this possible, particularly the artists who recorded with us: Alan Hager, Thad Beckman, Chris Carlson, Mike Gamble, Dave Fleschner, and Alan Jones. Your contributions to this record and our lives is immeasurable. And thank you to you, our fans, without your love and encouragement, we wouldn’t exist and neither would the music.

Peace, Julie & Dean


“Fans of the emerging new wave of Americana can’t go wrong with Julie Amici & Dean Mueller’s I Loved You So this spring, and unless their competitors in the underground can muster up something solid between now and December 31st, I think this LP will remain the top contender for best eclectic/folk record of the 2020s so far.”VentsMagazine
“Both lyrically and instrumentally, Julie Amici & Dean Mueller turn in an Americana offering for the ages in I Loved You So, and while it’s not the only alternative LP you should be listening to this April, it’s an emotional effort that fans of this genre should be regarding as a top notch release at any rate.”IndiePulseMusic

“You don’t have to be the biggest Americana fan on earth to fall in love with the harmonies contained in the eleven songs on Julie Amici & Dean Mueller’s I Loved You So, but for those who can appreciate this genre for all of its classically endearing brilliance, it’s an album that belongs on your shelf this coming April without question. Amici & Mueller don’t hold anything back from us in this record, and I’m truly hoping this won’t be the only occasion on which they share a studio together.”

Links to Full Reviews:  VentsMagazineIndiePulseMusicTooMuchLoveMagazine

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  1. We love the music you do and promote,when Brainard and Russ were playing with you for a Patsy Cline show I was impressed.I think Paul is as close as the west coast will get to Lloyd Maines and if Russ just sat there and tuned his Bigsby it would be OK because few folks these days have even seen a Bigsby guitar.Julie could obviously sing anything but her Jazz and Country are wonderful.Your upright bass is my favorite but your electric is beyond approach .I spent the 70’s-90’s playing music in Lubbock and Austin and was tickled to move here and find so many old pickers and great luthiers,the shows you have at the lake are kinda’ like a touch of Texas.

    • Thanks for the kind message Mitch, Paul and Rusty are among the best for sure and Julie could sing a phone book for certain. Hope to see you at the Lake before too long – Cheers, D

  2. I saw you two the first time singing on a brick patio at a coastal art fair. About 8 bars in, I knew I was hearing an authentic piece of what has become to be known as Americana. Not just a bit of it but “listen if you want to know what it means” quality. You deserve all the success that will come your way. Thanks for making your art part of our coastal community.

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